personal points

Personal Points are here to help YOU keep track of all the goodness and nourishment you have put into your garden, whether you are working there all day every day or just in small increments over a season. By keeping records and gaining personal points this app will allow you to visualize your “garden story” as it evolves so that you can see a clearer picture of what you’ve put in over time (and what you get out 🙂 ) season after season, year after year.

Any sustainable grower knows that a healthy garden is not measured by how large the 1st harvest is, but rather by how healthy and sustainable the soil becomes over time. What you put into the garden, you will get out. Maybe not in the 1st season but over time. If you put too many chemicals and pesticides into the garden you may get a huge harvest in year one but over time that will dwindle down to zilch. If you put in organic loving care by hand-picking pests, rotating crops, and mulch-mulch-mulching with compost or other organic matter, your garden will thrive more and more every season. This personal point system is offered to help keep you motivated by quantifying the positive inputs you put into the garden. Anytime you make a positive input into your garden its like storing a credit in the land. Your garden is like your bank account. You can withdraw from it (harvest) until its empty, or you can regularly make deposits allowing you more withdrawals over time. Each time you make a deposit of sweat (hard work), plants, cover crops, mulch or other organic amendments towards your soil’s health, you will get a personal point. So be sure to keep your records and watch your credits in the land grow with your garden and confidence as a gardener