About Me

Hello! I’m a mom who has built and worked on gardens from rural South Carolina to rural Dominican Republic to rural India to rooftop farms in New York City to vertical farms in San Francisco, Costa Rica, and Bangalore..  I am new to building apps, (this is my first!) but I built this one based on my own experience and on the desires of the farmers I have worked with.
You can listen to me explain more about my journey and the app on the Urban Farm Podcast with Greg Peterson here:

Four key points went into my creation of this app:

  1. I continuously meet wanna-be gardeners who are interested in growing food but who lack the know-how of what and when to plant.
  2. Each time I’ve built or worked on a garden in a different place, I’ve been exposed to a new world of knowledge about growing successfully in the local conditions of that place from my garden peers there. While I do hold a few gardening certificates and I’ve read many books on gardening out of pure delight, I have found in my travels that practical advice from local growers is worth more than books and courses when getting a garden started or solving local issues.
  3. I learned from the many growers I’ve met along the way that solid garden-record-keeping is crucial to making smart gardening decisions season after season.
  4. And from my own inconsistencies in my own garden (because I travel so much) I’ve learned that food gardens don’t necessarily grow on their own, at least not without some really smart planning.  Yet, little things can be done along the way in little time (mulching, cover cropping, composting) whose rewards may not be immediately visible but who are silently building the soil’s fertility over time.  Its like making deposits into your garden’s savings account. BUT its not always easy to remember what you did in the garden the year before, little papers sometimes get lost, and notebooks sometimes get things spilled on them.

THESE realizations are how the idea for a practical, in-hand, record-keeping and sharing app evolved.

  • The goal of this app is simple:  Simplify garden record-keeping for farmers and gardeners while allowing these records to help more people to grow food.  

I want to help growers grow better food gardens AND inspire more growers at the same time. Basically the more you document your own garden doings for yourself, the more you will also teach/inspire others by your example. We all have pests, failures and successes in the garden so solid record keeping can be beneficial not only to you, but also for everyone else!

This is the first addition of the app (and as I mentioned, my first app) and I would LOVE your feedback. Not only feedback for the apps store but please do also feel free to email me here farmfollow@gmail.com with any ideas or suggestions you have to make this app work even better for you. I will do my best to get back to you within one day.

Courses I’ve taken:

  • Permaculture Design (PDC) with Geoff Lawton, 2015
  • Urban Farmer Training Course, Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm, Brooklyn, NY, 2014
  • Home Horticulture Course, University of Clemson, South Carolina, 2014
  • GROW BIOINTENSIVE TM method from John Jeavons, 2008

More About Me:

Other than the garden and travel sides of my life, my favorite things to do are listening, playing, and dancing to music, making things, yoga, and camping with my adventurous 7 year old son.