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Mission Statement:
Simplify garden record-keeping for farmers and gardeners while allowing these records to help more people to grow food.


The world’s small farmers and gardeners can lead us back to a sustainable relationship with the earth, bringing higher food security and global wellness. This app is for the new generation of growers and those farmers and gardeners who have (un)paved the way! For small farmers and home-gardeners, wanna-be home-gardeners and farmers, school gardeners, community gardeners, gardening services, and anyone who grows food or seeks to grow food in a sustainable way. I made this app for people like me who may not consistently remember every thing we did in a garden season and could benefit from an in-hand reference showing what or when we have planted/mulched/harvested in any particular bed, AND I made this app for people who, also like me, could benefit from seeing how other growers have been doing it as well. But ALSO this app can help simplify record-keeping processes for Organic Certified growers and GAP certified farms who are required to track all the garden and farm activities in the same easy way that this app allows. The FarmFollow eliminates messy paperwork and pulls together your garden story for you, allowing you to learn from your garden’s own history and from the garden history of other growers near and far.

And for those who are already avid record-keepers-  eliminate paperwork! For a limited time – we will hand enter all of your previous records, in whatever form you send us, into the app so that you can immediately have access to each of your beds’ histories in the palm of your hand to reference this season. CONTACT ME at Eve at farmfollow dot com to arrange sending your records.

What this app offers:

  • Easily record and review your garden’s history (plantings/harvests/pests/amendments) through photos and paperless record-keeping, from the field. Keep track of previous years’ planting dates etc, and the history of each of your garden beds, and easily reference these from the field. Take pictures of your seed packets, amendment bottles, and more for easy future reference and records. Trace each plot’s productivity season after season. Track pests for better crop rotation and planning.
  • Use online and offline: Set up your garden’s crops and beds online, then use offline to keep records while in the garden. Automatically syncs when you return online.
  • Convert Tasks to Records- Create your garden to-do list and check each task off as you go along. The task becomes a record upon completion
  • Multiple Gardeners- Great for community gardens, families, and farms! Task out garden plans to your farmhands and family members via the app, and watch as they convert these tasks into records upon completion. Or view any new records your co-gardeners have added to your garden so everyone can keep track of what is going in and out.
  • Send automatically compiled, detailed spreadsheets of your garden activities (records) to your desktop, printer, or anyone else, from from your phone (in-App Purchase)
  • Get Inspired! See the records from other hard-working growers around you, or in similar climates, near and far. Learn what and when they plant and harvest, and how they deal with pests, etc. Learn from their successes and mistakes.
  • Option to keep all of your records private. Share your knowledge or keep your secrets secret! (In-App Purchase)
  • Inspire others! (If you don’t chose to keep your records private) Inspire the new generation of farmers, home, and school growers! This new generation has a will to grow food sustainably but there is often a missing link in the knowledge. We value your knowledge. Share your records with them to let them learn from you.
  • For garden services or others with more than one garden- Keep track of multiple gardens from the same account